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Makeup Application Tips For Mature Skin – Flawless Skin-Like Makeup

We all know that makeup is a way to enhance our natural beauty, and it can be so much fun to experiment with. As our skin matures, you may find that some traditional application techniques no longer work well on mature skin. Here are some tips for achieving a flawless makeup look, regardless of your age!

Foundation - use a matte foundation

One of the most common mistakes mature women make when it comes to makeup is selecting a shimmery foundation. A matte foundation will give you a much more natural look and help avoid unwanted shine.

There are seemingly endless options available on the market for the foundation. With so many choices, knowing where to start can be challenging. However, by taking the time to understand your skin type and needs, you can cut down the field and find the perfect foundation for your complexion.

Think about the coverage you need from your foundation. If you are looking for light coverage, tinted moisturizers and BB creams are good options. For medium coverage, try a buildable sheer foundation. And for full coverage, opt for an opaque foundation or foundation stick.

Appling powder to set the foundation is necessary for your foundation to last all day. However, the "powdery look" will age you, which is not what you want. Applying this Beauty Elixir before applying your foundation will help create a smooth base, reduce the "powdery look," and bring dewiness back to your skin so your foundation looks like skin rather than a layer of foundation. On mature skin, always select a fine-milled powder and use a powder puff to press and roll the powder to the skin to create a long-lasting finish. If you have dehydrated skin, you can always mix a small amount of the Beauty Elixir into your foundation to help give your skin some extra hydration.

Concealer - use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten up the under-eye area

When applying makeup for mature skin, remember to use a concealer that is one shade or slightly lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten the under-eye area and give you a youthful appearance.

Concealers are available in various formulas, so choose one that works well with your skin type. Find a formula that you're comfortable with and provides good coverage if you have a darker under-eye area. The most important thing when using a concealer on mature skin is setting the concealer. Before using powder to set the concealer, remove any concealer with the tip of a beauty sponge in the folds of the fine lines. Use a fine-milled powder and set the concealer before working on the rest of the face.

Eye shadow – keep it simple

You want to choose a lighter shade and apply a wash of color on the lid to brighten the eyes. You can also contour the eyelid by placing a darker color in the crease and using a small round brush with windshield wiper motion to blend out the crease area, creating dimension to the eyes. If you have oily lids, use a primer before applying eye shadow; this will help the shadow to stay in place and prevent creasing.

Lashes – keep it natural

Apply the mascara of your choice. Always use waterproof mascara to keep the curl last longer if your lashes needs curling. You can apply falsies if you choose to do so. Applying a good Lash Serum daily as part of your skincare routine will give you longer, thicker lashes that only need a couple of coats of mascara to complete the look.  

Eyeliner - minimal

There's nothing like a bit of eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Eyeliner can help to give your eyes definition and depth. However, choosing the right shade of eyeliner is essential. Black eyeliner can be too harsh for mature skin, while brown eyeliner can help to give your eyes a more delicate and youthful appearance. To make your eyes look even brighter and broader, try using white or nude eyeliner on the inner rim of your lower lash line. With just a few liner strokes, you can take years off your appearance and create a beautiful, flattering look.

Lips – keep it natural

Applying lipstick is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add a touch of glamour to your appearance. For mature lips, apply a layer of quality Lip Balm before starting your makeup to prepare and moisturize your lips. Using a lip pencil on the entire lip will help with lipstick feathering. If you want more of a natural look, use a lip gloss over the lip pencil instead of lipstick. If you love your natural lip color, use the Lip Booster on a clean lip and apply a sheer wash of lip gloss.

With these simple tips, you can achieve a natural and beautiful makeup look perfect for mature skin. Adjusting your makeup application and products will help you feel confident and fabulous at any age.

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