Importance of lip care by Qualerex Beauty

Why Lip Care Is Important?

Lip Balms have been around for as long as we can all remember, but a Lip Booster is not as familiar to you. While a Lip Balm is one of those everyday staples we use to protect our lips from dryness, a Lip Booster plays a different role in nourishing and conditioning our lips.

Lip Booster is a luxurious, indulgent lip serum meant to moisturize lips using lighter, nourishing, active botanical oils. As Lip Balms are thick anhydrous (waterless) products formulated with oils, butters, and waxes, they function more to provide simple occlusive protection. They need to be reapplied several times a day. Applying the Lip Booster at night while you rest helps strengthen your lips' epidermis while protecting them from the free radicals they are exposed to daily.

Our lips' skin structure differs from the rest of the face and body. The water content of the stratum corneum and the skin's barrier function on our lips is low. As a result, our lips can experience high trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), so it is common for us to have dry lips occasionally or even regularly, especially in certain climates. Winter months can wick moisture from exposed skin, and lips are prone to drying out and even having lesions.

Use both the Lip Balm and Lip Booster to care for your lips properly.

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